Trombone Trio of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


Bart Claessens (solo trombone), Nico Schippers (second trombone) and Martin Schippers (second and bass trombone) are members of the trombone section of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Brothers Nico and Martin have had a strong musical bond since their childhood. Bart fits naturally alongside after their years of close friendship, studying together at the conservatory and then as colleagues in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

This recording contains music that the trio has played in numerous masterclasses and concerts which they have performers all over the world. Also included are three new compositions written especially for the trio by Reijngoud, Verhelst and Deddos.

D. Speer, arr. A. Woolf
1. Sonata in A minor
2. Sonata in E minor

Sonata no.4, G.B. Pergolesi, arr. R. Sauer
3. Allegro
4. Adagio
5. Presto e staccato

6. The River Knows It All, I. Reijngoud

Two Aequali, A. Bruckner
7. Aequali 1
8. Aequali 2

Fire Horse, S. Verhelst
9. Trot
10. Walk
11. Gallop

Three Dance Pieces, L. Couperin, Arr. D. Nikkel
12. Canaries
13. Sarabande and Canon
14. Courante

15. Requiem, D. Popper

Moods à Trois, F. Deddos
16. Quando Nelson Cavaquinho
Encontrou com Wagner
17. Disparada